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Our Mission

PDR Training Online is committed to helping as many people as possible, to better understand the process of paintless dent repair, to empower them to create a brighter future for themselves, their family, and their community. This is accomplished with in depth video education and detailed guidance to help people choose the right tools and then know how to use them to the fullest.

What Our Students Have to Say

When I graduated high school I decided I wanted to try PDR. I didnt want to spend thousands of dollars and have to fly out of state for a 2 week training course to possible find out that PDR might not be for me. Pdr training online gave me the ability to learn from the comfort of my own home as fast or as slow as I wanted, and because the courses are online I can review and take refresher courses anytime anywhere if I need to.
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Kelvin Blankenship
Birmingham, AL
I spent months trying to learn PDR from youtube videos, but I was not getting anywhere. All of the videos were just someone filming themselves doing PDR with no real instruction on what they were actually doing, or the principles behind it. Pdr training online gave me exactly what I needed, step by step instruction from theory, principles, and foundational exercises, all the way up to advanced PDR techniques.
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Jason Furgesson
From Los Angeles, CA
After 20 years working in automotive detailing, I wanted a career change. I decided I wanted to learn PDR. I didnt have alot of money to start off, and all of the courses I saw were 1-2 week crash courses for between $5,000-$15,000. Just starting out I could not afford that. Then I came across pdr training online. There courses were exactly what I was looking for, a way for me to learn PDR at an affordable price, and on my own schedule.
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Mat Clark
From Phoenix, AZ
Just starting out in PDR, I was a little overwhelmed at where to begin. I didnt know what tools I would need to start with, or how I could get hands on experience. The beginners course solved all of these problems for me. The instructors explain what tools you will need, where and how to obtain practice hoods and other panels for free, and how to set them up to practice on in your own workspace. I was surprised at how few tools you actually need to get started.
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Jim Jordon
From Jacksonville, FL